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Thread: verify checksums error

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    verify checksums error

    ok im using the exact same modpack and ios update ive used for every wii Ive softmodded.. however dispite them being the same i always used this is the FIRST time that which doing verify checksums in md5summer that Ive gotten "error checksum did not match" what does that mean? sine these files worked on every other wii could the sd card im using be the issue?

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    Yeah the SD card could be failing. Try redownloading the files.

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    i did.. didnt work but i did it with another SD card andit worked just fine so mussta been the card

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    Two things:
    1. I'm glad you resolved your issue (so closing thread);
    2. What you should've done is ask in the guide you're following (instead of posting a needless thread, as it relates to a specific guide).

    Regardless, chalk it up as another WIN!


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