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Thread: would USB loader GX load games from...

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    would USB loader GX load games from...

    a usb sdhc card reader? i.e lets say i put a 32gb SDHC card into a usb SDHC card reader and stuck that in the usb part of my Wii... would the usb loader read that and load games off of it as if it was a usb flash drive or hard drive?
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    There is a small chance that it will work, but the more "layers" of stuff you put in between the data source and the Wii, the less chances of it working.

    It is recommend that you don't use converters.
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    That was how i loaded my games before i got a bigger external drive. It was giving me random problems on some games ex:

    Just Dance 4 - disc reading or something every few minutes or so during the game
    Boom Blox - will suddenly bug out after a few minutes (not letting me select anything and the characters suddenly look flat and stretched)
    Animal Crossing - random freezes

    Not really sure if it's because it's reading the card thru a usb card reader or it may just be because I'm using a cheap one.

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    I've got a fujifilm one that works well. It also works on the PS2, Windows, Mac, Linux, my TV & DVD player.


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