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Thread: NEW and dont wanna mess up the wii

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    Smile NEW and dont wanna mess up the wii

    My name is Travis im from northern Minnesota and Wisconsin areas. My reason for joining here is cuz i have always been a huge fan of nintendo and just gaming in general. i would like to just add a few emulators to start (NES, SNES, and N64 mainly) and play fsome of the titles i grew up playing. After that just kinda see where i go with it. plus then when my kids tell me they want a new game cuz they are bored of the ones they have i can just download some roms and save myself a few dollars. i figure that if im gonna hack my kids wii i better find somewhere to get good information and downloads from so i dont end up having to buy em a new wii. so if anybody show me where to start that would be sweet. THANKS!!!

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    Please read the site rules, Wiihacks does not support piracy


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