I just recently got a Wii which I was able to softmod successfully using mauifrog's softmod any wii guide. I'm able to play backups and vc successfully. Recently tho i ran out of space for vc games on my sd card so I've been looking for ways to run vc/wiiware on my external drive, (since i think 160gb is enough for both wii backups and vc/wiiware) and found out that I could use emunand and it's better than using the real nand since it will wear out eventually if i keep loading apps. I'm really really new to console modding and it's a bit hard to wrap my head around all the emunand options I've been seeing and don't know where to start. I've seen mightychannels, neek20, wiiflow and all the tutorials still aren't very clear to me. So I wanted to ask what's the best emunand to use? The loaders I currently use is cfg and gx since I can't seem to make wiiflow work so I just removed that.

Also, I think my usbloaders use the sd card I used to softmod the wii to work. Is that using the real nand as well and wearing it away? I just want a bigger space for all my apps/games without wearing off the wii's lifespan. Sorry for the really noob question.

btw, chrome is marking this as a malware site. have to proceed at your own risk everytime i visit a new thread.