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Thread: priloader question

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    priloader question

    lets say I set autoboot to usb loader gx.. does that mean as soon as I turn my Wii on it takes me straight to usb loader gx? if so then lets say I set "return to" to usb loader gx as well.. does that mean if i quit a game itll go back to usb loader gx? if so itsnt that an endless loop?? I mean how would i get back to the system menu then?..

    and speaking of which when in usbloader GX if i press home I get two options... system menu or homebrew channel... is there anyway to remove homebrew channel from that option?

    you know just incase kids mess around with it and do something theyre not supposed to be? basically Id wanna completely child proof my wii.. that means completely blocking them off from access to homebrew channel.. not really worried about wiiflow, cfg, GS or neogamma as theres no irreparable damage that can be done in any of those programs

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    1) if you set it to auto-boot USB loader GX that means it will automatically load it without showing the Wii menu. If you set games to return to USB Loader GX that's where you'll return to when you hit home and press Wii menu.

    Once in the USB Loader GX menu (the place where you select games) press home and you'll be given the choice to return to the Wii menu.

    2) I'm not sure, I've never bothered to try removing the HBC option from that menu.

    3) You should enable the parental control settings, that will prevent the kids from messing with anything.

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