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Thread: I Want to Uninstall DARKCORP

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    I Want to Uninstall DARKCORP

    I re-soft modded my wii by following the Soft mod any wii Guide and I noticed my Darkcorp is no longer working. The Game Channel loads up but when I pick " START" it gives you an error saying read the user manual / power down. Did the Soft mod any Wii Guide completely remove DarkCrop from my system ? if not can anyone link me to a guide showing me how to completely remove Darkcrop from my Wii System
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    Darkcorp is gone, but the guide installs dip patched system ios, so you will still get the banner on the wii menu. You can't play backup disc like that, but you can load a recovery disc if needed, that is why it is installed. It sounds as it should be, don't worry about it.
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    Crazy fast reply , thanks you da best

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