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Thread: Soft modding wii

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    Soft modding wii

    Okay I think I have completed the easy step which is I now have the homebrew channel. Next question, I have not configured my wii to connect to my wifi, Should I? Next, I found modding instructions on this site, Guide: Softmod ANY Wii 01-31-2009, are these the latest instructions or is there something newer/easier.

    Okay the soft mod was working but now it gets to the screen saying press A but the wirless remotes flash but then all the lights go out.

    Please help.

    I spent a little time on google and learned to resync the remotes and all is well again.
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    That guide is constantly being updated. If you look at the bottom of the post you will see:Last edited by cjizzle; Yesterday at 09:44 PM. Reason: Added instructions for SM < 3.2.

    That is the guide you should follow. As far as internet goes, you can set that up whenever you want.

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    Okay I think i have most of the softmod done. I haven't figured out how to run the extra programs in the last step that I copied to my SD card and how to get the games to come up with graphics titles. I am runnung the USB loader and it lists the games as text. I have a few games on the hard drive but have problems with some. Call of Duty 3 started off with the vertical hold gone. I changed a few setting and the display is okay but after I press start there is a message in french, probably says loading but then it never loads. There are several settings for the game but I'm not sure what they are suppose to be set to.

    Okay I got the game to run but the language is french. I have english selected as language. Please help.
    Can anyone advise me on this french issue.
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    You familiar with the EDIT button and site rules? You might want to review'em. Your posts will be merged; do not double-post.

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    Okay sorry about that, i will use the edit from now on.


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