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Thread: Nand space

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    Nand space


    I've inherited a Wii which has a few issues. after a bit of reading, I think it's semi-bricked, because when I go into settings, it gives an error that it could not access marc:FIX/ENG/Index01.html.

    I want to softmod it so I can play PAL european games (as this is what NZ uses as well).

    QUESTION IS - If I can't get into settings, how can I check that I have 350 blocks of nand space free?? What happens if I try this softmod and there's not enough room, will I brick it??


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    This simply has nothing to do with Wii U...I have moved it to the Bricked issues section as what you've described sounds like a brick of some sort.

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    Start in chapter 1, install the HBC, ect. When you do your nand backup in bootmii, there is a menu that will tell you the nand% usage. So as long as you have some room, it should be fine. To be honest, I really don't know what happens when you try to install something on a full nand. The recommendation has been there, just in case. Perhaps I will have to have a real test one day, perhaps it works just fine. I imagine you need enough free nand pace to install whatever wad your installing. It probably first extracts the wad to the nand, then makes the changes. If that was the case, I think you would just get some error code. So if your semi bricked, do the guide. You could delete some large savegames or wiiware/vc if you like from data managment if your concerned, but I doubt it will be an issue.
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