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Thread: Error 001! Easy way to solve it?

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    Error 001! Easy way to solve it?

    Hey guys, I got the same problem as alot of others here but i just cant find a easy way to solve it. So now im looking for an easy way to salve the problem With Error 001, Unauthorized Disk.

    Please help me, all guides ive searched is so complicated and i allways does wrong on one step. So please help me to find an easy step to solve the problem so i can play Call of Duty 5, got any questions ask here!

    I got vers. 3.3E on my wii!

    Yours, regards Rallle!

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    update your modchip

    if you cant, get a new one of softmod

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    Yeah upgrade the software on your mod, if the mod supports software upgrade...if its Error 001 this was usually on pre D2c consoles. Wiikey, Cyclowiz etc have firmware upgrades for their chips, which solves this problem. Certain less popular chips did not support future firmware upgrade, and in this instance a new modchip, or softmod would suffice


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    Is there any easy guide how-to do this?

    btw, thansk for answers!


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