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Thread: Updating the Wii System Menu (Netflix)

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    Updating the Wii System Menu (Netflix)


    I have hacked my Wii using the "hack any wii guide". I downgraded to system menu 4.1U and It works great. But now I want to watch netflix on my wii but in order to do that it says I need to install an update. so when I go to update it basically tries to get me to install a System Update. I am scared to update in fear of bricking my Wii. Can somebody please tell me how to get Netflix working and if need be how to install the System Update safely. Thanks

    Edit: Yeah I cant access the Wii Shop Channel cause I need to system update. But how do I do that safely?
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    Get Shop Channel 21 from ModMii or NUS Downloader and install it with your Wad Manager (if install fails try loading IOS 236 and then try the install again)

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    If user needs more of a guide type assistance, he can look here.

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    Awesome guys it worked! Thanks for the help


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