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Thread: softmod, all in one go

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    softmod, all in one go

    ok bare with me on this,
    i have done many softmods over the last 18 months thanx to this site
    i now have an uncle who is on temorary release from prison till friday
    he has a wii in his cell and would like the added functionality (dvd mp3 etc)
    no internet access is available /allowed there
    no pc type things are allowed there
    he has limited tech no how

    my proposal
    im thinking of combining the whole softmod on to one formatted sd card, when the guide used mmm i put aditional wads and channel installers on too and had no problem
    so i suppose im asking if i can put the whiole lot on an sd so when he goes back he can just put in the sd and follow some written instructions to do it or is it vital that the folders are completely sperate for the diff stages of install

    also does anyone know of a game with the 4.3 update on it?

    thanks as ever

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    Theoretically it should work, But what if a problem arises.

    Example, the system menu is at 3.2 and the first Hackmii doesn't work , so now you need to replace the boot.dol from the guide with B, C, D, E.

    This can be a problem since He has no access to a computer.
    You have to think about the variables that can take place, like the above example.

    As for a game that has the 4.3 update on it, IDK...Really is no need for it .

    EDIT:I believe this game has that update on it ,Metroid Other M.
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