I'm currently not receiving the red envelope that I should be. Last week I was able to download and set everything up just fine, guess there was an issue with an app for homebrew and my genius brother decided to delete everything and format the card to try and fix it. I tried to reinstall letterbomb - the exact same way I did before, but I'm not getting the envelope. I've checked the dates, the times, i've even changed them and changed them back. Ive written a memo, formatted and reformatted my 2gig memory card. I've rebooted and done everything Ive been able to find online to help me but to no avail. I even deleted letterbomb from my computer, redownloaded it, etc in order for it to work. I have scoured google, this forum, and others trying to figure this out.

I cant think of anything else to do, anyone willing to help me out on this?