So as the title says the config.txt isnt being generated, so I got a generic config.txt from the zip file download and put it in the apps/usbloader/ directory but I am still not getting desired results. What I want it to do is load my backups straight from the sd card but it requires me to turn on my hdd which I dont want to do unless i want to play the games I have backed up to it. So it makes me turn on my hdd then it takes me to the screen that allows me to select the sd card. This is a copy of the config.txt i put in there :

# USBLoader config
# lines starting with # are comments
# see README-CFG.txt for help on options

# all setting in this file (sd:/apps/USBLoader/config.txt)
# will override the global config (sd:/usb-loader/config.txt)

# This version especially created for the GAF Wii Homebrew Tutorial
# Vist Welcome to GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial - GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

theme = GAF
device = sd *the only change i made was putting sd here instead of usb*
gui = start
gui_style = coverflow3d