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Thread: Okami/FE:RD won't start. Help please!

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    Okami/FE:RD won't start. Help please!

    Well, title says (almost) all.
    I DO burn on Verbatim DVD-r discs, at 2.4x speed, ImgBurn.
    Boom Blox, my other backup, still works fine.


    I know it's not a bad copy because Okami worked 2 days ago.
    Yesterday my brother updated the wii using GH:WT(PAL, original version on a PAL wii). That might be the problem. But the system setting menu says I am still on 3.2!
    However, I did play a game (PES 2009, no CD crack, I've lost the CD) during the burning process.


    The loading takes a long time and I keep getting a error in the bootloader menu (hard to read, besaude white letters on white letters is hard to read, but I think it was XX24(X=anything, unreadable) )

    Thanks in advance!
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    wot loader r u using my need a cios is urs chipped

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