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Thread: Old Wii with OpenWii modchip, do I need to mess with it?

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    Old Wii with OpenWii modchip, do I need to mess with it?

    Hey everyone,

    I can't find exactly what I'm looking for because the modding scene has become more vast with new styles of hacking and more Wii versions.

    I have a pretty old wii so I imagine it's considered a first gen. Back in around 08 I hardmodded it with OpenWii - I think version 2.4.
    OpenWii at the time was supposed to be really good but I remember the project was pretty much abandoned not long after I installed the chip.
    I also think I may have softmodded it too because I remember putting the Homebrew channel on it, though maybe the hardmod allowed for that...?

    I've been extremely busy with school for years so I haven't used my Wii in a long time. Being that I haven't turned it on in so long, I'm a little scared to.

    So I'm here for advice!

    Is there anything I need to do before turning on the Wii? Obviously, given the choice I won't just update the Wii willynilly. But I'm scared of a forced update or anything I might need to do or avoid. Also I would like to know if there are updates I should make to the OS/firmware/mods to bring me up to date.

    Old Wii with Openwii 2.4. Probably also has a softmod because I have homebrew channel. Haven't turned it on in years. I don't know Wii's OS version.
    What do I need to do to ensure its safety? Any changes/updates/improvements I should make?

    Thanks for your help!!
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    You don't need to do anything special, just follow the Softmod Any Wii guide and you should be all set.
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    Thanks for your response!

    So I read the guide and I noticed it says not to worry about any existent softmods because they will be overwritten - great! But it never speaks of hardmods. Is there anything I need to know about relating to my hardmod? Or basically am I ignoring the fact that I even have a hardmod now? Does it give me any benefits in terms of playing backups on disc or watching dvd movies? Or anyway I can do that all with the softmod?

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    U can do it all with the softmod and they can also work in tandem but most people would use usb loading anyway and so bypass the modchip all together

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    Thank you! Gonna tackle it now. Let me say this site makes it very easy to get filled in and modding very quickly


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