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    Nobody Likes Generic Thread Titles

    I've been trying to understand how to update my Wii Shop Channel so I can download the Netflix Channel for several months now. I've searched all over the internet and this forum and with everything I've read it just puts adds to my confusion. Currently my Wii is running a 4.3U softmod. I'm not sure what version of the mod it is or how to even check but the channels that my Wii currently has is USB Loader GX (which i use to play my games), NEO Gamma (never used and dont know what it is) Load Mii (also never used) and Gamecube backup launcher channel. If anyone can give me a step by step walk-through of what I need to do to update my Shop Channel so I can Download the Netflix Channel that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

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    look here, if i was you id resoftmod the wii , that way you know exactly what is what, in this guide it will tell you how to update the shoping chanel. this is the holy grail of wii softmodding, if you dont understand ,, read again and again, DONT USE YOUTUBE!!!!

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    Definitely not a wiihacks softmod. Look, if you're content with your Softmod and merely wish to address the Shopping Channel, look here.

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