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Thread: Restore softmodded Wii to factory settings?

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    Question Restore softmodded Wii to factory settings?

    I have a Wii with version 4.3E which accidentally got updated which resulted in me not being able to run games from my HDD.
    Is there any way I can restore my Wii to factory settings and redo the softmod? It may be a stupid question but I don't want to flick around on my own and risk to screw it up even more


    Sorry if it's the wrong forum for this.

    EDIT; The only problem is that I can't load any games, everything else works like it should.

    EDIT 2; Solved
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    And what was the problem?

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    Please do let us know the details and how you solved it if you can. I have a similar problem and it would help a lot.

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    Guessing nintendo wrote over their cIOS. All they had to do was run a syscheck to see what nintendo have done. Hope they install Priiloader to block updates so they don't have this problem again.

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    Oh sorry!
    Erm, well tbh the only thing I did was to wipe out the SD card, and then I uninstalled and deleted homebrew channel. When unplugging the USB my Wii acted normal as if it had never been softmodded or anything. So what I did here was to use the Letterbomb technique, found a great guide on Youtube which explained in detail (incase you are unsure or new to this, helped me loads, didnt need my hubby once to help!! :P *proudface*)

    So that took me some time anyway to watch through and do what he did on the video, and when I was done my Wii worked perfectly. The only thing bothering me atm is that some games freeze, but I read up on that and that's not the softmods fault, it's just a bad copy of the game. (However they worked on my previous softmod but meh can just try to download a new copy then, no biggie!)

    Oh and I did run a system check, loads of the IOS thingies said "stub" so instead of fixing that I decided to just redo the whole thing.

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    If you followed a failtube video as a guide to mod your system, you likely didn't do everything that we recommend (including updated cIOS files and priiloader).

    You should take a look at our "Softmode Any Wii" guide (link in my sigature) and go through it to fill in any gaps that you may have missed.

    Some IOS files as stubs are normal. So don't let that make you think that something isn't correct with your system.
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    GX r1226
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    Other downloads DM/DML 2.11

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    Thank you I will look through it just to be sure, so far it's working perfectly except for a few game freezes but as I stated above that doesnt seem to have to do with the mod itself.

    And as a sidenote, I did update cIOS and priiloader


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