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Thread: Wii Black Screen - Please help

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    Wii Black Screen - Please help

    My brother gave me his old Wii which is broken. When plugged in the mains the RED POWER LIGHT comes on. Then when i proceed to press the POWER BUTTON, the light turns green and the BLUE drive light lights up.

    That is it though. No drive sounds, the blue drive light remains solid and the screen is BLACK.

    IIRC it does have a MOD chip and it was working perfectly before this problem came up. He told me the problem came out of nowhere as in one day he went to use it and this happened.

    I can verify that the cables and Power supply are all good as i set it up using the same cables as my working Wii.

    I don't think BootMii was ever installed on this one.

    Any ideas ?

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    look here.

    but try the search button next time, I hate spoon feeding, jk

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    Lol thanks...

    Sorry i'm new here. Not noob though :P

    Quote Originally Posted by boob4me View Post
    look here.

    but try the search button next time, I hate spoon feeding, jk

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    Try to use savemiifrii, see if the recovery menu loads. You need a gc controller.

    If savemiifrii does not work, try to open the wii and disconect the dvd drive from the wii. You may want to start with this if you don't have a gc controller for savemiifrii, the dvd drive should make noise when you turn on the wii. See if the wii turns on when the dvd drive is disconnected.
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