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Thread: is there any way on the wii u to recover a deleted game save for new super mario bros

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    is there any way on the wii u to recover a deleted game save for new super mario bros

    Ok this is what happened my son 3 yrs. old gotta hold of the wii u ,but i must say he is really good for the most part sojust beat all of the mario all coins even star world done.
    but i'm hearing about these updates for the games recently wiping out game saves when usb hard drive is plugged in .NOw hears the funny thing it's plugged in but no power because ac adapter wasn't plugged into power outlet and all the boards are at beginning stages no saves at all .SOI WAS WONDERING is there any way on the wii u to recover a deleted game save?OR do I have to beat it all over again i guess it wouldn't bother me do to the fact that it is a awesome game anyways so thanks for the insight !!!
    i know dumb question right ? oh well just sayin lookin for hope kids are bumbed but beat it again I WILL !!! LEVEL 1 HEAR I COME
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    Are you saying you lost your save state? Or preparing in the event that it does get lost it can be recovered? I've never heard of save states getting lost as a result of an update.

    I checked my system to see if it had a save state backup system similar to the Wii where you could copy save states to an SD card and move them back again to get back to that restore point. However, all that I've found was the abililty to move the "channels" from system memory to USB. Nothing about save states.

    So, I've not found a way to back up and/or restore save states. It would be nice if there was a way, like in the Wii.

    EDIT: I dug a little deeper, picked USB-storage of data management, and selected one of the games in it. In there contained game data from eShop, update data, and the save game data for every user. If I selected a component, I could only delete it. Not move or copy it elsewhere. I could have chosen to move everything to system memory, but then that would delete it from USB and not be a viable backup.

    The save state data is stored with the game and only movable, but not copyable.
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    Load the game with cheats enabled to restore all levels completed with all coins, ect, then save. After that you can disable the cheats and the save will keep it all. That is on vwii, if your talking wiiu, I don't think so, but I don't know what I am talking about.
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