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Thread: Stuck on wads and ios

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    Stuck on wads and ios

    Ok well I decided to hack my wii I uused the letterbomb
    i install the homebrew channel and then the boot mii2
    ive backed the NAND up now I won't to put backup on to a hdd
    but I can't it people are say install the wads then the iOS and other
    are saying install usbloader gx then the wads but I don't know
    whitch to install first I really don't what to brick my wii.
    If some one could show me the order it whitch to install what I need
    to play my backup I'd be very greatful.

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    You forgot to do a few things first:

    1) Read and post here: Introduce Yourself

    2) Read thrice and then follow the Softmod Any Wii guide (link in my signature).

    3) After that, any questions about the guide should be posted as a reply to the guide, rather than a new thread be made.

    Click Below for recommended Links

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