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Thread: Problem installing a wad file (no error message)

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    Unhappy Problem installing a wad file (no error message)

    I just recently softmodded my Wii, because I want to be able to play LoZ:OoT and MM as the NTSC versions on my PAL Wii.
    I followed a massive guide, so I got some of the fundamentals right; I got a multi-mod manager and some other basic applications.

    Now all of this is working just fine. The problems started when I was trying to install LoZ:MM to my Wii. Ill post some links to show you how I did it:

    Here's the original NTSC wad: Zelda Majora's Mask .wad

    I used this to be able to play the wad on my PAL Wii, and I followed the instructions step by step (also got the other programs) Removed outside link!

    Now, when I've fixed my modified Zelda wad, I'm using my mod manager (I've also used a regular wad manager, same result), then locating the wad, and then pressing install. It goes through the process, and everything seems fine. Then it says "installation complete" or whatever, but when I go back to my home screen it's not there.

    I've also tried region changing into a NTSC system, and then installing the unmodified Zelda wad, but the same problem occurs.

    So, my guess is that I've missed some important basic of installing wads; but I can't find anything about it in tutorials. Maybe I need some other files in my SD card in order for the installation to work - all I have that has to do with the wad is a wad manager and the wad itself.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this problem? It's so confusing since I don't even get an error message. Please reply to this, I've spent many hours trying to fix this. If you think I've missed some fundementals, a tutorial going through ALL basics of installing wads would be highly appreciated.
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    You say you followed a guide. What guide? We are not mind readers. Was it one of ours?
    You've also linked to an outside guide for your wad installation. Why not post your problem
    in that guide instead of here, where it's not supported?

    And lastly, downloading of an NTSC wad, to use on a PAL system, is piracy my friend. Piracy
    is NOT supported here at WiiHacks, so you'll receive no help that.

    Thread closed.


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