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Thread: Even more confused after reading other posts! HELP!

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    Even more confused after reading other posts! HELP!

    OK so the easiest way to explain this with my LIMITED knowledge and now confusion is:

    I started with this: FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED

    Then I did this: FAILTUBE LINK REMOVED

    However, when I loaded USB Loader at the end, it says I have 0 games. And yet I was given a previously loaded and formatted Toshiba Canvio 500GB External USB hard drive (that was tested on another Wii and the games loaded).

    NOW, when I plug the hard drive into my MAC it says the drive is not readable.

    I feel like there are a couple issues going on, and I keep confusing myself the more I read other posts.

    PLEASE HELP! ;-(
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    Don't post FAILTUBE links. Start Here:

    Introduce Yourself

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    You have failed all the way around danniecherie....Go have a look at the Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - Forum Rules you accepted before posting anymore. Piracy is not supported here.

    Thread Closed.

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