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Thread: 3 newb questions

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    3 newb questions

    1. I already softmodded my Wii with Emperor's guide. Now my friend wants me to do his. My Wii had 3.3U firmware. His Wii has 3.4U firmware. Is the only thing i do different is rename the Twilight 3.4 file to data.bin? And delete the original data.bin file?

    2. My install went flawless, no problems at all on MY Wii. How easy is it to brick a Wii with Emperor's guide? I do not want to brick his Wii.

    3. Is it illegal to softmod a person's Wii for them and install Gamma?

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    Gamma only plays backups ITS HIGHLY ILLEGAL

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post

    Gamma only plays backups ITS HIGHLY ILLEGAL
    are you sure?? I am making backups of the games i already bought??

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    You're hacking to play copies.... If you never dl any it's semi

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    1. thats all you have to do
    2. the chance of having your wii bricked by this guide, is the same percentage as updating your console thru Big N's update
    3. technically, it is illegal (but if the Law came to your house, you could just show them the leagl bought copy, and they wont take you to jail so long) lol j/k just be careful

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    ^ depends the country Europe its illegal to back it up

    in the end

    modding the system voids the terms of service
    gamma can play most games in region *out with extra patchs* the very fact you CAN, means you ARE... you got no justified need for a backup, since i got Saturn games that work perfect, i got some that need cleaning on entry, and 1 that doesnt work... on a system ive put into idk 1000's of hours -,_-,

    you can fight them, but the moment you mention it, and you go to court blah blah blah its illegal end of story


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