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Thread: wiikey 2,3.1 J,Call of Duty problem,help

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    wiikey 2,3.1 J,Call of Duty problem,help

    I have got my wii modded with wiikey 2 and 3.1 J(japanese version console),when I try to run games call of duty world at war,pes 2008,brain academy it gives me black screen but shows properly in channel.I know probably problem is with IOS or something like that.Do I need special japanese IOS for my console?Could anyone give me step by step tutorial how to do this to run those games?thank You very much
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    update to 3.2 *use wii update manager*
    then install Cios 37 *via homebrew*

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    is it safe?is 3.2 firmware neccesary?I thought that staying with the earliest firmware is the best?will 3.2 firmware disable anything which I have got now?Thank You

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    i 3.3j already, everything fine.
    another one 3.3u, as well.

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    thx guys but how do I update with with wii update manager?I don't settings and you have got 3.2 a and 3.2 b update.which one?and what about replace update?do I need to change anything?and by the way do I need to change any settings in wiikey2 config disc?thank You

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    hi.I used downgrader instead of wum but when I run it shows me error could not set system menu.Whats wrong?any solution?thank You

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    idk maybe NAME THE ERROR -.-

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    ok I did it I mean I upgraded my console to 3.2J firmware and install cios 37 (how admiral said)but still nothing.

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    try booting in gecko OS

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    thank you admiral it all works.have a good one


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