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Thread: Help: Games loading slow & reading disc in the middle of game?

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    Help: Games loading slow & reading disc in the middle of game?

    Hello, I modded my wii a little over two years ago at the time it had 4.1u. My children were having a problem with wiiflow, so after a while I decided to look on the site for an answer I went with updating the wii to 4.3u and getting all the updated loaders. Now the games are recognized and will load but it takes forever and when it finally does it pauses in the game and a screen comes up saying "reading disc" (btw I'm using a usb harddrive I've had no problem with it in the past). Could it be my usb cord or a setting I need to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Is the hard drive set up to sleep when inactive for a time? If so, you'll want to set that to never sleep. You'll have to go to the drive manufacturer's web site for a utility to make that setting change in the firmware of the drive.

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