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Thread: playing gamcube games on wii using usb loader gx 3.0/CFG usb loader?

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    Question playing gamcube games on wii using usb loader gx 3.0/CFG usb loader?

    I've seen so many guides but unfortunately for me I can't read or speak the language of the wii hackers, AT ALL!! I feel somewhat dumb but nobody can blame me because of some of the language people use.

    my simple question is how do I play GameCube games on a wii using a usb loader (any kind im not picky)?

    I've already installed something called dios mios but i have no idea what it is really. I know for a fact that it was the 2.0 version.

    I remember using another guide that said you needed a usb with 32kb cluster but I think something went wrong when I was doing it.

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    dios mios is a custom gamecube bios for USB loading. DML is a custom bios for SD loading. Wiigator is a custom bios for DVD loading (if you have the early sort DVD drive). You can only have one gamecube bios installed at a time as their is only one slot for it. Devolution is also for USB loading, it does not need a mios. Devo will only work if you have the retail disc.

    EDIT: I put links for FAT32, mios dios & devo but they didn't show in my post. Never had a problem posting links before, even to other sites.
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    Check the Devolution guide it my signature, I made it as easy to understand as possible. If you need help with it feel free to comment (in the guide thread of course) and I'll help you if I can.

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