Hello all. I'm relatively new to this whole Wii modding thing. I recently got a Wii U and transferred all of my Wii data to it, but I've decided to keep my old Wii to play GameCube games in progressive scan. I would like to make it so the Wii will boot up game discs with as little input as possible. Looking through this site, I have successfully installed the Homebrew Channel, Priiloader, and NeoGamma; all of which seems to be working fine.

However, I am having issues setting Priiloader to boot NeoGamma at startup. I took the .dol file for NeoGamma and put it in my SD card root, and installed it from the Priiloader menu. But when I try to launch it from Priiloader, all I get is a white screen, and it'll stay there until I hard power down the Wii. If I try to load it from the "Load/Install" screen, I get a "failed to load binary" error. I can get Priiloader to launch it's own installer, but I haven't tested it with any other software besides NeoGamma.

Can anyone please help me out here? Is there a better way to do this than I'm going about? I've looked all over this site with every possible keyword I can think of, and have come up with no answer. I'm using System Menu 4.3, Homebrew Channel 1.1, Priiloader 0.7, and NeoGamma R9 beta 56. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you all very much.

P.S. I'm aware of a mod for NeoGamma R8 Final that makes it autoboot game disks, which is perfect for me, but I tried launching NGR8F from HBC and it didn't work; just got a black screen. Is there a more recent version of the mod, or is there a way for me to get NGR8F to work? Not critical, but just wondering. Thanks again!