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Thread: Help With Backup Loader Video Stutter

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    Exclamation Help With Backup Loader Video Stutter

    Hi Guys, I hope you can help me out here. I have Dragonquest for wii and when trying to watch the intor video, it stutters quite a bit, I saw a tut somewhere on rearranging the video info on the disc to correct this. Is it possible and how can I do it ??? Please help

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    Tucha can do that *theres a guide in the faq section*, but is it out of region? it could just require a Forced ___ to fix it

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    thanks for the replay admiral and it is out of region. Also, why do some games not quite fill up the screen, black bars on the side of the screen (42 " plasma) about an inch thick. Anyway to fix that also?

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    try forcing settings via gecko os

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    haven't tried gecko os, only in backup loader 0.3, will that make a difference??? Gecko os I mean

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    its not a backup loader, but thats how you fix your issue probly...

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    tried setting ntsc in there and force pl60 / ntsc with no joy (with gecko os), maybe it's just a trouble game


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