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Thread: USB loader GX detects games but I get the 'an error has occured'

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    USB loader GX detects games but I get the 'an error has occured'

    Note that GC games load correctly. Only wii games get the error. Do I really need to put a disc in the dvd drive for games to load?

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    It was my understanding that u no longer had to use a disc if u r running the latest version. Now I in no way as savvy with this stuff as a lot of the more seasoned people on this site, but I'm pretty sure u no longer need to worry about having a disc for wii or gc games. On a side note my hdd was the opposite I caould play wii games but not gc on it, after many frustrating hours i've come to the conclusion my hdd is not compatible. You may want to take that into consideration. I believe it's easier to get the wii games to play than the gc, so yours is rather odd. I would reinstall loader GX or post your syscheck and let them check and see if everything is kosher.

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    Your post lacks... care to elaborate? That's like me telling you "hey, my car's broke --- what's wrong with it?"

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    Yeah I am sorry. I posted on the correct forum together with a syscheck printout. You can close this thread please. Sorry again


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