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Thread: settings black screen

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    settings black screen

    ive just soft modded my wii but cant get into the settings on the wii to connect to the internet because the screen is black got systom menu using mmm (v4.3 on iso80
    region europe

    wii connection 24 off
    standard mode off

    can u please help regards standbyman

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    from another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Not sure of the cause, but I think you should be able to access your settings by holding + and - at the health screen, then push A a few times. I had this trouble once and it resolved itself. See how that goes for you.
    You could look at THIS too.
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    tried that it didnt work thank you

    settings have black screen also bootmii goes into black screen please help me !!!!!!!!!
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    Please do not double post. Use the edit button. Also, people are trying to help you. You need to go back and read the forum rules again, particularly this part:
    II. Posting Rules and Guidelines

    1. Posts themselves should be made following additional rules and guidelines:

    a) Before posting your question, use the SEARCH function. Look through the site Tutorials, Guides, and FAQs.
    b) A post should be made in the appropriate Forum or Tutorial Thread. Incorrect post or threads may either be moved to the correct area, deleted, or closed and ignored.
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    Bootmii going to black screen is not related to your system settings problem. When you say "tried that it didnt work" you tried what? Skellinator quoted a suggestion made by mauifrog, and also provided a link to another thread. Did you read and try what was suggested in that other thread?


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