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Thread: Wii Problem!! Would like help asap plz!!

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    Wii Problem!! Would like help asap plz!!

    my wii 4.3u has been running homebrew and stuff for a while now. We have recently bought a new internet router (2wire) and i want to get internet on my wii again so i can play online but everytime i go to settings, it crashes. this has been happening for a while but i didnt care until now. can anybody give me some advice on how to fix this?? Plz?

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    Sounds like a semi-brick. You can find information in the bricked Wii section of the forum. I'll ask a mod to move this thread to that section, as well.
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    everything works fine, just the settings. How do i fix it?

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    Moved to the BRICKED section. OP may or may not find this useful, depends...

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    Try to reinstall ios80, system menu 4.3u, and priiloader 0.7
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    ok so everything works fine now! but i cant connect my internet to the wii! iv done it a few times, but we just got a new 2wire router and it has the biggest password (26 characters) ever! any thoughts on how i can get this to work? iv tried nintendo but everything it says on their website doesnt work

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    So you did what Mauifrog told you to do and now the settings do not crash the wii? You know you can change you password on the router or just disable it all together while you make sure your wii can connect to it?

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    it doesnt work on my ipod either just the computers, but ill shorten the password and see how that works!


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