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Thread: Doesn't recognize original Guitar Hero World Tour

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    Doesn't recognize original Guitar Hero World Tour

    I have bought a set Guitar Hero World Tour recently and it came with a original disc.

    My problem is my drive doesn't recognize/read the disc, I have also tested with a downloaded (PAL) version with no success.

    My Wii is a Japanese set with mod but I really don't know what mod that I have inside the unit, I'm able to read/play quite no of downloaded games from the disc without problem but still some of them didn't recognize.

    Appreciate if you guys can highlight to me what went wrong with my set.

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    for ur Jap Wii, ever try using GeckoOS to load Guitar_hero_WorldTour ? a download copy may work,
    but the original...
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    ^ some games out of region just DONT WORK *modchips have Partial regionfree after all*

    so trying Gecko OS, would be best, and make sure you have Cios 37 installed

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    Thank a lot guys for the super fast response.

    I will try Gecko OS maybe tomorrow, I need work late today.

    Another question,
    Is it possible for me to convert my Jap set to US, I hate the Jap wording which I can't even read a single word.

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    katakana/hiragana is easy -,_-,

    but whatever

    use anyregion changer

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    But I'm a bit too old to learn new thing now.....haha

    But.....I dun mind to learn new Wii hacks

    You are the man!
    I should have found this site long time ago.

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    ahaha 2 months ago it was a MUCH different place

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    you mean this site was just setup since 2 months ago?

    I just open up my unit, it shows d2c Pro.
    Is this mod chip too old for me to play GHWT?

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    unless it says error 001, youre fine

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    and also printed "GW-601" on the chip.

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