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Thread: help with usb setup for brawl

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    help with usb setup for brawl

    I have always had problems with this. On my old usb stick I had remember having a hard time figuring out how to parition a drive into 2 parts wbfs and fat32. Than one day i popped brawl into usb loader gx and clicked install game and it did everything for me. Unfortunately i lost this usb, but the way it was set up was that at the root it had a folder called wbfs, and then a folder for the game i wanted to play.

    I preferred this way and found it easier because i didnt have to make partitions and have a part of my usb i couldnt acess. Instead i would just grab .wbfs files and put them in the wbfs folder of my fat32 usb. How can i do this again?

    Now when i try with my new usb stick, it says not enough memory even though there should be 15 gb free.

    EDIT: I cant remember completely cuz i did this along time ago, but i think the program wii game manager might have been used to help me do this as well, however i dont know what i did with it.

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    Firstly, you dont need two separate partitions anymore. Follow our FAT32 guide to make a single partition. In that guide are also instructions for how to use wii game manager or wiibackup manager to accomplish what you are trying to do.

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    well what i do that works for me is with my fat32 usb all i do is make a wbfs folder on my usb and put my games in there folders in there and everything works fine for me. are you still having problems?


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