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Thread: Homebrew and applications behaving eratically

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    Homebrew and applications behaving eratically

    My homebrew channel and the the two usb loader programs I use are behaving strangely. Menus will open themselves, games will start by themselves. It will do this for a couple minutes and then go back to normal and a minute later menus start opening themselves and jumping all over. I am stumped as to what is going on. I had some bootmii backup errors during the mod, the thread can be found here:

    I was wondering if it has something to do with that?

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    Yeah pretty much so. It is really weird. I modded it used it for a couple weeks, then it sat for a couple months and I gave it to my father. Now it is doing these strange things. It is only with Homebrew and homebrew apps. the rest of the wii work fine. We recently updated the shop channel with wii mod and we had wii connect turned on for a while. We never updated the OS or anything.


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