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Thread: dolphin question

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    [resolved] dolphin question

    Is Dolphin chatter allowed on this site, if so to what extent?

    I know, no warez but how about Nand emulation using a self ripped Nand or Sneek build.

    Edit: Yes one can use a Backup Nand or a Sneek build.
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    It's a good program but on my crappy computer no game runs faster than 40% speed

    Spider-Man 2 runs at an amazing 2% speed! Lol

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    Not going to be a problem with a A8 quad core apu. :P

    See what I want to do is set up WFC on dolphin.

    I've seen some choppy youtube videos but we all know youtube is crap.

    2% really WOW! :P

    Edit: There is a youtube vid on how to do this dated 1/20/13.
    Tested and works but not well at all.
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