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Thread: The most recent Wii 4.3 update installs CGMS...

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    The most recent Wii 4.3 update installs CGMS...

    A friend of mine was talking to me and mentioned me something very interesting...he stated he could not record Netflix with a DVD recorder...
    and he was on the latest 4.3 I decided to see if that was true, and I was able to record Netflix successfully on my DVD recorder...
    now one thing that I have realized is; I haven't updated my wii console to the new update to confirm it....(and likely wont) so I assume it is possible Nintendo is being quiet about it......share your thoughts.

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    Try using your Wii on your friends DVD recorder to see if it will still record. I'm on system menu 4.3, not got Netflix but i can copy a macrovision DVD from the Wii.

    EDIT: Not that i would use the Wii to make a DVD video backup. It would take to long and would be substandard due to the digital to analog to digital conversion. If i were to backup a DVD video, i would use DVD Shrink 3.2. I had my PS2 running through my PVR, if i was slip streaming/time shifting, it would not let me play a Macrovision DVD on the PS2.
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