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Thread: Fragile *full review now*

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    Fragile *full review now*

    I thought since im sure many people, would like to know more about this game, and since its rather odd, etc etc i would post my first *of maybe many* reviews on games... i removed random ramblings because that was just so people can get a idea, but thats enough of that... time for the review!

    Story: 10/10
    Its great, and very original, though im not gonna get into details... but its a very good story that i really do hope gets localized for the people whom cant enjoy it.

    Controls: 6/10
    Their easy, and simple...
    • A = attack/look/interact
    • B = zoom
    • C = duck
    • Z = face foward
    • Dpad = Menus
    • - and + map zoom/zoom out

    but since just about every game ive played with the mote/nunchuck uses the + as start it makes it a tad annoying at times, other than that i dont mind them, but its a VERY big issue, kinda like how X is back and O is accept in japanese psp games, but its X to accept and O to go back on all others =\

    Gameplay: 4/10
    its decent gameplay wise.. im gonna toss this up in 2 different groups so i can give you a good idea at the problems...

    my main problem with this game is... the wiimote makes a LOT OF NOISE, and its not the normal stuff, or anything wanted, youll walk in a room and BAM School girls laughing, or Moans, etc its HIGHLY wiimote sound based, and trust me since you cant lower the sound its annoying *also some parts 100% need it to complete*

    a lot of parts of the story, are very tedious and annoying, there are a few parts where you have to use the wiimote noises to find people, and its SO HARD! trust me it is...

    the battle system is ok... its not really what the game is about. very standard RPG, you get Cash, randomly when you save... you can buy items, sometimes they break, and you level... but in the end its nothing worth going good or bad....

    Gameplay: (interaction/import "friendly") 1/10
    In all reality, if you cant read this game, not only are you gonna miss the greatness of the story... you're gonna miss out on a lot of what you're doing...

    sometimes, youll be told you need something, or sometimes you would get a quest... and its very hard to figure out without having a mild idea, but it is doable if you want to play the game that badly... below explains

    my main problem with this game is Simply.... you will be in a room, and you need a key, you can spend 10 mins EASY looking for whats needed, and not notice a door because its so dark =\, same with many many many other area's which is very annoying...

    another huge problem is, if you need something important to the story, it will have Green dots floating off of it, and really if it doesn't have that, you don't need it, or cant use it =\ this method makes playing very tedious since you spend all your time looking for it.

    Art: 10/10
    i've spent a lot of time just walking around looking at it... this is by far the nicest art ive seen on the wii, its very original and even up close it looks nice, and the opening, and everything you get a good feel of the game!

    Music: 10/10
    you get a strong feeling of being in the rooms and such, even though the wiimote annoyed me for similar reasons this is by far a great part of the game!

    overall: 10/10 o.o
    though the actual playing annoyed me, its far too of a original and interesting title for the wii, to overlook or not play, the only downside is it probably wont get localized outside of japan =\

    Final note

    i hope this helps!

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    Nice review, now I really wanna play Fragile even more . Could you say something more about secrets? First of all are there any in this title (?) . Oh, and keep writing next reviews: I read this one with pleasure: it contain basic info about the game and your personall notes. Awesome.... game (I think) ;P. And review, too .

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    uhh considering, i was just walking around, and trying to get all the items *which i did* in all seriousness i would say there are none -,_-, the game is far too Stright foward... to have secrets and bonus items....

    i mean you dont need to use much logic to play without reading it, its just very pointless because this game is like MGS4.... youre not playing it to play it xD

    to give you a idea... twords the start, theres only 1 way to go -,_-, once you go all the ways and you get to the tunnel.... you simply cant 1 go way, and youre stuck in a room, with only a door... being the only way to go, after going there... you can head elsewhere leaving you with the Mens and Ladies rooms to enter -,_-, both which give you a item (wooden sword, and a key), which the key is used to open 1 of 2 doors -,_-,

    its byfar too linar to say theres a lot of special uber items

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    yea, i got the game. and... i can't read sh*t. LoL! has anyone heard when its going to be localized? or if at all? tons of games are great, so i've heard, but i can't play them. *tear*

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    this is one of the best wii games i have ever played (i finished it last week in about 10hours)

    the peeps you met along the way are a delight and the story is wounderful as is the music

    this is the only game that made me cry with its story


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