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Thread: Files In Root of Sd Card

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    Files In Root of Sd Card

    I was wondering what files and folder should be in the root of my sd card ? Here is what i have in the root of my sd card....

    00000001 = file folder
    WiiFlow = file folder
    IOSsyscheck = text document
    sysCheck = excel document
    apps = file folder
    bootmii(off) = file folder
    codes = file folder
    darkCorp-v1.1 = file folder(bunch of ios wads inside of that and cmios_gator folder and cmios_waninko folder in it as well not sure if those supposed to be in there)
    Private = file folder
    SMW = file folder
    TestingKit = file folder
    Themes = file folder
    Txtcode = file folder
    WAD = file folder
    Boot.dol = dol file
    Channels = text document
    Controls = text document
    FAQ = text document
    hacks = configuration settings
    mmmconfig = text document
    readme = text document
    startup.elf = elf file

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    Depends on what you want and what you don't. As long as everything is working the way you want it, just leave it alone. Unused files wont hurt you. If you really want to know what everything is, start doing some reading through the forum. You can open text files and read them, that will tell you something too...

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    so is the 00000001 file required to be in root of my sd card ? when i dbl click it goes to a file 000000026 and then after that i dbl click again and it goes to v3610 and when i dbl click that file it has a bunch of the 0000000a and c,d,f and 00000001 thru 11 also a cetk file and tmd.3610 file. are they required or what ?

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    I had that 0000000001 folder too, I don't remember what exactly it's for but I just cut/pasted it to my desktop to save space on my SD card. I've had no problems at all.

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    i google searched the files and google says they are nus downloader files or something or other


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