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Thread: wiikey2 wont play brand new store bought game

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    wiikey2 wont play brand new store bought game

    i have a wii i bought for my kids in 2008. i installed a soldered wiikey2 immediately and burned a buncha games and all was well for a long time. have never updated anything manually and have the wiikey2 set to not take updates. recently some of the burned games quit playing and now my daughter got just dance 4 for xmas a brand new store bought game and it wont play. i get error 002 when i try it. what do i need to do to fix this problem? is it just a outdated ios file? the system menu says its at 4.1u. i tried to update the wiikey2 to 1.3 and it opens the blue screen and lets me change options like write speed and stuff but doesnt give me me an option to update firmware? any heelp would be appreciated as this is for my kids. also is there a faq or tutorial explaining how to do whatever it is i need to do to fix this?

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    Extract this to an sd card
    and this
    password =
    Put that in your wii and click on the sd icon from the wii channel menu. It should ask you to load the boot.dol, load it. Wiimod should start, select the wadmanager. You need to install all the ios, press 1 to select all and press A to install. This should fix your error 002, as for games that used to work but don't, that is another issue.

    Here is the 1.3 update disc
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    Sir you are truly a scholar and a gentleman. followed you instructions to the letter and my wii is healed. couldnt have been easier. my daughter is playing the new just dance 4 game as we speak, she got it for xmas and has been begging me to get the wii fixed so she could play it. the other 2 are thrilled to have the wii back too i burned em a shitload of games back in the day. we cant thank you enough dude .........


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