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Thread: Softmodded Wii Won't Play Backups Anymore

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    Lightbulb Softmodded Wii Won't Play Backups Anymore

    I've had a softmodded Wii for a few years now and everything has worked pretty much perfectly with backup discs. Last year I went through some pain trying to get Skyward Sword to work, I had to install all kinds of custom things and it generally made a mess of the system, making it so a lot of games just didn't work and I got black screens and "disc could not be read" errors. Last night I decided to redo my softmod in hopes it would bring it back to how it was before, but it didn't seem to help.

    First of all I used this guide and everything looked great, but nothing really works. I've tried Super Mario Galaxy 1 &2, Smash Bros. and a few more and nothing seems to work and I just get the disc cannot be read error either before or after the safety screen. I tried Modern Warfare 3 and for some reason that does work. Maybe I'm having an issue with the cIOS? Like I said before, I've played on backups for years so my Wii doesn't fall under the category of "too new to play backup discs". I also tried my original game copies and they do indeed work so I don't think it's the laser dying. I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to solve this issue before I redo it all over again or start trying random solutions on the site that are only *sorta* like what I describe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The solution is to give up on backup disc. The wii dvd drive works much harder to load a backup than a retail disc, so perhaps it is getting old. How are you loading the disc? From the disc channel? How about neogamma?
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    And what brand media? Verbatim Azo Dye -R or Taiyo Yuden are the recommended brands. Maui is entirely correct in that a burned disc has a considerably lower reflective value compared to a pressed disc. The lower the reflective value, the harder the laser has to work to read it.

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    Yeah, using Neogamma, I forgot to mention it. I think I will just look into using a usb drive, it's just strange that it stopped working all together, well mostly. I've been using Memorex for a while and never had issues, but I suppose it could be going. I just played The Last Story for about an hour with no problems. The only ones that have really seemed to have problems were Nintendo games, maybe that's got something to do with it?
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