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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl error

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl error


    So I recently softmodded my wii using Mauifrog's latest "Softmod ANY Wii" tutorial.

    Btw, I have a legit copy of SSBB, so there shouldn't be any piracy or faulty DVD issues.

    Ever since I softmodded my wii, which I purchased in 2007, SSBB will come up with an error with a white background with Green Text.

    It said something along the lines of "Error. Please remove the disc and power off the wii. Refer to owners manual"

    Can anyone help me with this? I read around that it has to do with hermes or something, but I'm really not sure.


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    Do you get the error when you play it from the disk?
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    Yes I am playing it straight from the disk through the disk channel in the Wii home screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imCharles
    Yes I am playing it straight from the disk through the disk channel in the Wii home screen.
    Maybe your laser is dirty, SSBB is a dual layer game which has been known to cause problems with Wii lasers (mostly the old ones from what I've read)

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    This did not happen before I softmodded the wii. I suppose it could be an issue with the laser but I am dubious.

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    If you think it is the softmod, you can install a clean unpatched system ios, and a clean unpatched ios36. Those are the only two things that would effect that game, possibly also disable your priiloader hacks. The game should work, but crap happens. If your wii is online simply load wiimod and install ios80 without patches, and ios36 without patches. Before you try that, try to load the game via neogamma, if it gives the same error the drive is probably the issue. Also try to disable your priiloader hacks, perhaps one is conflicting.
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