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Thread: The Newbie.

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    The Newbie.

    Well, I wasn't sure where to ask this but otherwise, Hi.

    But, lets get down to business.

    I've owned a wii since it came out basically, or around that time and I can't think of any other way to spend my time than playing some classic Zelda, Sonic, or Mario.

    What has brought me here today was the curiosity if being able to use my iPod and an external hard drive, or a USB. I'm aware that the wii contains two USB ports.

    How should I go about turning my iPod into a USB for my wii.

    Question: If possible, would the iPod be able to store the GameCube game data as well?


    I'm using an iPod 4th Gen (The first iPod to get the camera) Running iOS 6.0.1.
    I have a laptop running Windows XP.

    Sadly, I'm not sure where I've placed my flash drive, and I know nothing of partitioning the iPod or formatting it to any of the other file systems, (I think fat32 was one?)

    But otherwise, thanks!

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    Moved your thread to the Newbie section. There was a guide buried here but it was from a long time ago and modern iPod Touch units I do believe have been unsuccessful. Get a USB HD (a regular type) and go that route.


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