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Thread: Fresh Wii Hacked with Guide posted here. As alway no problem till now.

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    Fresh Wii Hacked with Guide posted here. As alway no problem till now.

    Hi All again,

    I have run into a small problem after following all directions again in this wonderful guide posted here on the Wii hack.(Guide: Softmod ANY Wii) The last 2 I have done don't want to auto load USB Loader GX. Config. USB Loader as no problem starting when installed in Priloader setup/settings. So all that happens when I turn on a Wii is the screen stays black. The same happens when using the (installed File button) in Priloader. If I go through the Wii Menu I can start any of the loaders available without problem.

    The GX loader is v3.0 Iso249 (Rev21008) (d2x v8final base56)
    Both Wii's are at 4.1U 1 is red 1 is white.
    Both have all the latest iso downloadable through the links in the guide.

    Thank you for your time and help.

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    Try installing this into priiloader
    Also ensure you have the app on your sd/usb.
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