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Thread: Moving files between HD and SD

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    Moving files between HD and SD


    The external hard drive I have hooked up to my Wii may be failing - it seems to work on my Wii but I get a cyclic redundancy error when connecting to either of my PCs (it is FAT32).

    My question is what is the best Wiibrew program I can use to backup or move files from the HD to either another HD or my SD card? Like I said, the external hard drive seems to be working fine when connected to my Wii but I can no longer connect it to my computers. I would like to duplicate files on the HD to an SD card that I can then use in my laptop to transfer to my backup hard drive.

    Thank you!

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    You can use WiiXplorer, it sounds like the issue is not the drive but your computer (either the USB port you connected it to or the driver maybe). If it works fine on the Wii then the drive is probably not bad.

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    That worked, thank you. I'm not sure what is going on with the drive - it worked about two weeks ago but now I get a prompt to format the drive when trying to connect to a computer. I've tried it in different USB ports on 3 different computers but always the same message.

    Thanks again, I managed to back up everything I needed.


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