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Thread: Wii Theme Files???

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    Us Wii Theme Files???

    I wasn't sure what forum to post this thread in, so ill try here. Does anybody know where I can find Wii themes in CSM or WAD File formats only? I found a DarkWii Red in WAD format, but everything else seems to be in an MYM or INI configuration and I don't have the time to deal with all the converting and junk. Wii is already modded of course on 4.3u, American NTSC console. If anybody can please give me some advice or pointers that would be great. Thanks a lot!

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    Ok well if you dont already know themes can be a very good way to brick your wii so i wouldn't do it.
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    "Hopefully everything goes OK" is not how we like to advise people around here. Please do not post any more outside links. We dont want to assist people in bricking their consoles....

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    I think you will find my further editing says it best over that fail post.


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