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Thread: Wiiflow 4.0 CIOS Option

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    Wiiflow 4.0 CIOS Option

    I need to select a different cios for a game (def jam rapster), but when I go to settings I don't see that option. For Wiiflow 3.0 it was under settings. Has this changed with 4.0? Can this even be done in 4.0? I read that I should try 250 for this game to get the microphone to work?

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    Read the ChangeLog of WiiFlow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    Read the ChangeLog of WiiFlow.
    I'm sorry I don't understand what that is. Where do i find that?

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    I see what you are talking about. It says the install game option was replaced with startup settings on page 2, but I don't have it.


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