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    Homebrew Channel

    I have just recently gotten the homebrew channel via the Twilight hack.Followed the tutorial and everything seems to be working great.My question is when i enter the homebrew channel after install,there is no content.Its just a screen with bubbles in the background.Am i missing something.Did i not install it right or do i need to add my own content?If i need to add content and someone point me in the right direction.Just thought there would be some old school games and fun things to do on the channel.Thx for everyones time and let the flaming begin and yes i am a "wiitard"

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    Make sure you're at the 3.2 firmware.

    Head to the "downgrade tutorial" in my signature. In the first post is a link to a file. The file is a .RAR for the SD card. Everything in it is properly formatted. Place everything onto a standard, non-hc, SD card. Insert into the Wii, then go into the HBC.

    The HBC is nothing more than a gateway to the SD card. It's not prepacked with any apps. All apps are run from the SD.

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    OOOO ok a gateway,very well put,I am at 3.2 and I belive I achieved so by using ur Tutorial.Thx for the fast reply and info.Would it be to much to ask for a place to download some nice apps?

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    Yes, is a good place to start. Or, if you know the name of the particular application you want, Google is a good bet.

    Once you have some homebrew applications, you will need to create a folder on the root of your SD card to put them in called "apps" - the homebrew channel looks in the apps folder for its content.

    Your SD card will end up looking something like this:

    -SD Card/

    For each homebrew application, there should be a separate folder. Each application will have a boot.dol. The icon and meta are not necessary - they are there to make a nice icon and description appear in HBC.


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