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Thread: Gamecube backup on disc

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    Gamecube backup on disc

    Hello everyone.
    A couple of months ago I modded my friends wii using this guide

    He was able to play both wii/gamecube backups through disc.

    I recently (last week) modded my wii using the same guide I'm on 4.3u
    My wii is able to play disc backups (backed up a wii game on disc and it was able to run)
    My wii also picks up gamecube game backups but when I attempt to start the game it reboots my wii
    I know the discs work because I used the ones my friend was using, still no luck.

    Any help/advice would be great

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    First off, apologies as the system auto-moderated your post. Secondly, I hope the discs you mentioned are actually OWNED by someone at your end, lol. Thirdly, there are guides for getting GC games to work on this site. Check'em out:

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    No need to apologize.
    Thanks for the quick reply. These games are owned by me. I tried the Dios Mios on another system and had no luck with it for some reason.
    The system that I tried it on was a system that the new system which did not read backup discs. Could that be the reason it didn't work?

    Is there a guide that won't mess up the mod and would allow me to play using discs?

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    I saw you searching for your own posts, so I got curious and looked

    Do the softmod guide I linked you first, then explore one of your choosing from the other links. Questions on the GC stuff (after fully reading the guide, not blindly asking before go in whichever guide you decide to follow. They co-exist just fine together (in terms of doing the softmod and then one of the GC guides work well together for those interested --- other than the limitations those emulators inherently have).


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