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Thread: USB Loader CFG Problem

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    USB Loader CFG Problem

    Hey guys new to the forum and so far any problems i have had with soft modding or anything like that i have been able to fix but i have a problem with a game that i have backed up since it broke a little while back. Anyways the game is Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition and when you first start up the game you are given 3 choices new challenge stages, classic titles, and kirbys history. My problem is with classic titles in that option u are given 6 classic awesome games to choose from and load up to play but when i choose any of the games usb loader cfg just reboots the wii and i get nowhere any ideas on how i can fix this?

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    Try a different loader , so we know it's not the game itself.

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    Does anyone know if there is a version that works with an emulated nand?

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    Alright out right now ill try a diffrent one later tonight and let u guys know. What is an emulated nand btw?

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    The NAND is the storage memory of the Wii. Emulated NAND would therefore be...

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    sorry for the late reply guys but i got a new wii today so not using my friends and my wii seems to allow me to be able to play the game since i soft modded the wii diffrently some how.


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