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Thread: Getting Errror 2 when playing Skylanders Gaints

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    Us Getting Errror 2 when playing Skylanders Gaints

    I am a newbee here. I have awii which has homwbrew channel installed 2 years ago (by someone). I don not have lot of knowledge on doing this, but I can follow directions. I just got Skylander Gaints for son's birhhday. I had Hard Drive connected with games and have no problem playing. When i insert the disk from Skylander Giants, get error #2. Do I need to update the bios or somthing? Can you point me in a correct directions/steps i need to take for playing this game?

    Thanks you.

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    Seeing how you say it's been two years since you had HBC installed, would want to update your mod.
    Follow the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide, Link is at the bottom of my signature.
    Start from Soft Mod With Homebrew Channel Installed and follow it all the way through.
    This will over write everything.
    Please read the guide a few times before proceeding.

    Also have a look here...Ultimate List Of Problematic Games & Solutions.

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